Electric Fencing

  • H4871 Standard Gate Handle1 (1293 x 602)

    Std Gate Handles

    Insulated handle connection for access through electric fences.  Internal extension spring to provide tension on the line.

  • H4588 Buckle 20mm

    Tape Joiner Buckle 20mm Pack of 5

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies this pack of tape buckles.

  • H4847 Super Gate Anchor

    Super Gate Anchor

    Premium quality screw-in insulator designed to ensure power continuity through gateways and includes steel loop connection making it suitable for use with polywires and ropes.

  • H4599 Pr of Croc Clips

    Crocodile Clips

    This pair of crocodile clips 1 x Red 1 x Green for general spare/replacement use.

  • 47C17__01

    Gate Handle

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Hotline products!

  • thJEOVFA1D1 (93 x 90)

    Rope Wire Connector 5pk

    Allows ropes, wires and tapes of up  to be connected to gate insulators and handles quickly and easily by hand, resulting in a connection with optimal electrical conductivity.

  • 47CB40-5__01

    Tape Fixing Buckle

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Hotline products!

    From: £5.25
  • warning sign

    Warning Signs

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies this pack of 5 warning signs!

  • electric fencing ring

    Hotline Rope Insulator

    Ring insulator

  • H6007 Rope Wire Joiner 1 (598 x 282)

    Rope Wire Connector

    Steel clamp for joining or connecting ropes.

    From: £7.11
  • H6005 Tape end clip

    Tape End Clip 40mm Pk1

    Perfect electrical contact and maximum conductivity through the aluminium plates ensures no voltage is lost through the joint.

  • H4816  HPX Ring Insulator

    HPX Insulators

    From: £8.20
  • fence tester_renamed_8375

    Fence Tester

    This simple lamp tester which will indicate if there is any voltage on the line.

  • H4826 Tape End Tensioner1 (538 x 846)

    Tape End Tensioner

    This screw-on insulator with swinging buckles which can be used at the start, end or corners of a line to provide an easy to use tightening point to help keep tape lines taught, looking good and lasting longer.

  • H6017 Stoplock

    Stoplock Gatebreak

    Ideal for line start/ends, subdivisions as well as gateways.

  • H4892 Energiser to Fence Lead 40mm

    Energiser To Fence Lead (40mm)

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies this energiser to fence lead for wire or max 40mm tape!

  • electric fencing tape (2)

    Hotline Tape Insulator

    Electro tape insulator.

  • Offset_Electric_Fence_Ring_Insulator__24373.1307650260.30.30[1]

    Offset Ring Insulator

    Offset ring insulator (21cm) with straight shaft more suited to use with the Speediso chuck fitting!

  • H4906 Line to Line Connector 20mm

    Line connector 20mm

    Lead length 60cm, perfect electrical contact, strong aluminium that will not corrode.

  • H4835  HPX Tape Insulator

    HPX Ring Insulators

    HPX technology for easy screwing. New galvanisation by thermo diffusion for ten times better resistance to corrosion.

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