• How to Draw 101 Horses & Ponies

    How to Draw 101 Horses & Ponies

    From a Shire horse to a Shetland pony, there are plenty of designs to copy in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and poses.

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    Pony Club Activity Book

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    All About Poisonous Plants (Allen Photographic Guides)

  • Allen Guide Towing Horse Trailers

    Allen Guide Towing Horse Trailers

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    Allen Guide Show Ring Style

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    Showing in Hand (Allen Photographic Guides)

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    Allen Guide All About Worms

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    ’100 Things You Should Know About Horses & Ponies’

    100 Things You Should Know About Horses & Ponies’ presents the real facts about the equestrian world, from basic horse and pony care through to breeds, history and habitats.

  • Posers & Puzzles (Pony Club)

    Posers & Puzzles (Pony Club) by Annie Horwood

    Over twenty problem solvers/crosswords/puzzles/dot-to-dot, in this charming ;write-on; Pony Club book. Ideal for taking on that long car journey or to generally develop your riding and horse care skills.

  • Junior Road Rider

    Junior Road Rider By Pony Club

    This vitally important addition to the Pony Club’s list of titles is divided into three main sections. Be Seen to Be Safe Ride Wisely Look, Learn and Obey

  • You Can Draw Horses

    You Can Draw Horses by Martin Ursell

    Recreate all the power and beauty of these majestic animals on paper with these brilliant and clear hints and tips on how to draw horses.

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    Threshold Making Your Own Jumps

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    Threshold Books Show Jumping

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    Threshold Books Beds & Bedding

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    Threshold Books Basic Coursebuilding

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    Threshold Books Worms & Worming

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    Threshold Books Massage for Horses

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    Threshold Books Conformation

  • Threshold Boot & Bandages

    Threshold Books Boot & Bandages

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    Mud Fever: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment by Anke Ruesbueldt (Author)

    Mud fever is a serious and debilitating affliction to which horses are prone when they are pastured on ground that is poorly drained or excessively soft under foot.

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