• 7203 Skip

    Kanguro Small Skip bucket

    Can be rolled on without damage to animal or skip! Frost proof, UV sunlight proof and recycled. Perfect!

  • SK Flexi Tubs

    StableKit Flexible Tub

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies StableKit products!

    From: £3.25
  • 7141 Stable Bucket

    Stable Bucket

    With pouring lip and handle.

  • untitled

    Flexi tub trug Bucket 5Ltr

    Genuine TubTrugs – 5 Litre (Shallow)

  • 41q540Jpt2L__SX355_

    flexi tub trug bucket 14 ltr

    flexible tub that is built to last. It is perfect for use around the home, in the garden and at the stables. All of the wonderful features mean our flexible tubs really can be used for everything! Previously known as Tubtrugs

  • 7148 Feed Bucket

    Feed Bucket

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies this Feed Bucket with a handle!

    From: £4.65

    Flat Back Bucket (Standard)

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Buckets!

  • 15lt tub

    Flexi tub trug bucket15lt

    Genuine Flexible TubTrug Shallow 15L Flexi TubTrugs Horse Feeding Bucket available in a range of colours

  • 6520 Mould Flex Feed Bucket

    Mould Flex Feed Bucket

    Heavy duty bucket with pouring lip and handle.

    From: £5.95
  • 26ltr tubtrug

    Flexi Tubtrug 26ltr

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Flexi buckets !!!!

  • 6245 Easi Trug 30ltr

    Easi Trug

    Strong and flexible trug for use around the stable yard.

  • rubber bucket

    Tyre Rubber feed Bucket

    Shedfield Equestrian supply black rubber feed buckets !!

  • 41q540Jpt2L__SX355_

    Flexi Tub trug Bucket 42lt

    Genuine Flexible TubTrug Shallow 15L Flexi TubTrugs Horse Feeding Bucket available in a range of colours 42lt


    Hook Over Manger

    Hook Over Feed Manger

    From: £8.75
  • 6239 Easi Skip

    Easi Skip

    Flexible and virtually indestructible.

  • 2251 Lincoln Bucket with Lid (2)

    Lincoln Bucket with Lid (Black and Yellow)

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Lincoln’s Bucket with Black and Yellow Lid !

  • 139fa0e3-ac0e-4978-92c1-603b23a8e343

    Hanging manger A1 Black

    Kanguro Hanging Portable Manger

  • 3701 manure basket

    Manure Basket (Medium)

  • 7739 Plastic Dustbin

    Feed/Storage Dustbin

    Ideal for equipment storage or feed.

  • 4378 & 4379 S2P & S2PB Stubbythene Corner Manger & Frame

    Manager Corner White

    With smooth lines, this full size manger. Mostly used in conjunction with the support frame.


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