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  • Allen & Page Fast Fibre is particularly suited for natives/goodoers; low in starch and sugar, ideal for the laminitics. Buy from

    Fast Fibre

    Fast Fibre is ideal for horse and ponies prone to laminitis as it is a high fibre, low sugar and starch, (combined sugar and starch is less than 10%).

  • Cool & Collected

    Cool & Collected

    For horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work. Ideal for horses and ponies that suffer from feed-related behaviour issues.

  • Allen & Page 'L' Mix designed for those who are prone to Laminitis, including a special blend off pre and probiotics. Buy from

    ‘L’ Mix – For Those Prone To Laminitis

    A mix designed for those who are prone to Laminitis which is Low Starch, low calorie, high fibre,  No added sugars, molasses or cereal grains.

  • Veteran Vitality

    Veteran Vitality

    For horses and ponies that are starting to show the signs of ageing. Suitable for those struggling to chew due to missing and worn teeth.

  • Allen & Page Old Faithful's Special Blend, ideal for fussy eaters a blend of soya & linseed oil to help maintain healthy joints. Buy from

    Old Faithful’s Special Blend

    For your Veterans who need a little extra help to maintain a good condition and flexibility.

  • Ride & Relax

    Ride & Relax

    Ideal for those with an intolerance to barley and/or molasses. Suitable for horses / ponies at rest / light to medium work.

  • Allen & Page Calm & Condition containing Omega 3 oils providing slow release energy, less likely to cause excitability. Buy from

    Calm & Condition

    It is suitable for a wide range of horses / ponies from those resting to those in full work. For older horses / ponies who struggle with weight loss /condition / worn and missing teeth.

  • Allen & Page Power & Performance is designed for hard working horse / pony, with a barley and molasses intolerance. Buy from

    Power & Performance

    Suitable for horses / ponies who suffer with barley or molasses intolerance. Ideal for those in hard work.

  • Allen & Page Weight Gain Mix, this is a very palatable mix for those that need to gain weight and condition. Buy from

    Weight Gain

    A highly palatable mix for horses who need to gain weight and for those who tend to lose condition.


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