Dodson & Horrell

  • Rolled Barley

    Rolled Barley

  • High Fibre Nuts

    High Fibre Nuts

    The low starch, high fibre nut designed especially for horses that are at rest or in light work.

  • Dodson and Horrell Echinacea

    Dodson & Horrell Echinacea

    For supporting immunity in your horse or pony

  • Pasture Cubes

    Pasture Cube

    The cube equivalent to Pasture Cubes are ideal for horses and ponies in light to medium work, such as Pony Club ponies and Riding Club level horses.

  • Whole Oats

    Whole Oats

    Dodson & Horrell Whole Oats are a complimentary, straight feedstuff which is ready for use.

  • Leisure Mix

    Leisure Mix

    The high fibre, low starch mix specifically for horses that are in light work or at rest.

  • Barley Rings]

    Barley Rings

    The modern barley and linseed mash for adding to existing feed, commonly fed on days off and through the winter to hunters, racehorses and horses in work.

  • Build Up Con Cubes

    Build Up Conditioning Cubes

    Build Up Conditioning Cubes are high calorie cubes which contain a topline formula for horses that need to put on weight and condition in a controlled way.

  • Pature Mix

    Pasture Mix

    Pasture Mix is Britain’s favourite original oat free coarse mix, formulated to give your horse sparkle, but without the fizz.

  • Microfeed


    One of the highest energy rations on the market, Microfeed has been formulated for horses in hard work or undertaking strenuous competition.

  • Comp Mix

    Competition Mix

    Competition Mix is the most popular formulation for serious competitors – providing your horse with fast release energy from locally sourced cereals and oats.

  • 16 + Mix

    Sixteen Plus Mix

    For the older horse or pony showing signs of aging or weight loss, Sixteen Plus Mix is the muesli mix fed by many.

  • Build Up Con Mix

    Build Up Conditioning Mix

    Build Up Conditioning Mix is a high calorie muesli which contains a topline formula for horses and ponies that need to put on weight and condition.

  • th[8]

    Mare & Youngstock

    Nutritionally balanced muesli for Warmblood, Native & Part-Bred broodmares, stallions & youngstock (1-3yrs).

  • Suregrow


    The growth rate of young, growing horses should be steady and consistent and it is important to ensure that a young horse does not become overweight as this may lead to developmental problems.

  • Ultimate-Balancer-(2)

    Ultimate Balancer

    Ultimate Balancer is a high specification feed balancer, delivering optimum nutrition and an array of important benefits to the horse’s diet.


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