Mucking Out Tools

  • 861170

    Roma Helmet Torch

    Ideal for those dark winter nights at the stables / field

  • 86001U

    Synthetic Yard Broom

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies this fab yard broom!

  • 4450-Lincoln-Corn-Broom

    Lincoln Corn Broom

    Wooden Handled Corn Broom.

  • Manure Rake

    Manure Rake


    Manure Rake (Long)

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies this Long Manure Rake!

  • Fynalite Rake, makes the tedious task of mucking out so much easier, perfect for the yard, stable, field, horse box etc, available from

    Fynalite Rake

    A unique design, lightweight, easy to use and efficient, kind to your back, yet exceptionally strong.

    From: £11.75
  • minimucka3[1]

    Fyna-lite Mini Mucka Stable Fork

    These are great mini versions of the Fyna-Lite stable fork especially for kids. They are lightweight and easy to use and available in two fun colours.

  • 3701 manure basket

    Manure Basket (Medium)

  • Lightweight Chip Fork

    Lightweight Chip Fork

    Made from tough durable plastic, with lightweight aluminium handle.

  • shopping

    Shires Long Handle Scoop

  • Manure Scoops New 2

    Manure Scoop and Rake (Tall)

    Great for collecting droppings in the paddock or stable. 80cm high. Rake included.

  • Fynalite_Logo_strapline

    Fyna-Lite Ash Handle Manure Fork

    Strong and light in weight. Ash handle tang and ferrule.

    From: £18.75
  • Platform Broom Head Very Stiff - is the broom handle is up to the job but the broom head has died! No problem, fit a new head, buy from

    Platform Broom Head Very Stiff

    These are tough broom heads for tough jobs. Ideal for rough, wet surfaces.

  • Platform Broom Complete with Handle and Stay a very stiff broom which is ideal for use on both rougher and wet surfaces, buy from

    Hillbrush Broom Complete with Handle and Stay

    Platform Broom head filled complete with the handle and stay. A very stiff broom which is ideal for use on rougher and wet surfaces.

  • 7389 StableZone

    Stablezone Bedding Powder

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Stablezone Bedding Powder!

  • Large Multi Purpose Shovel

    Large Multi Purpose Shovel

  • Fyna-Lite Multi-Weeda - T-Handle

    Fyna-Lite Multi-Weeda – T-Handle

    Idea for use in the garden as well as the field. Removes weeds efficiently with a minimum of soil disturbance. Perfectly balanced, strong yet lightweight.

  • Faulks-Tubtrug-Tidee-Rake-Brush

    Tiddee Manure Scoops

    The Tidee Companion Set is the ultimate tool for cleaning and tidying. The set comes with a scoop, long handled rake and mini broom, making this the most useful piece of kit on the yard!Constructed from super durable plastic and anodised steel handles, the Tidee is built to last.


    Manure Scoop

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies mucking out tools!

  • Manure Collector and Rake a high quality moulded manure scoop that is complemented by a rake with rear scraper blade, available from

    Manure Collector and Rake

    Our high quality moulded manure scoop this is complemented by a rake with rear scraper blade.

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