Toys / Boredom

  • snack a ball red

    Spare Lid for Snak-a-Ball

    Available in yellow and lilac.

  • Likit Pliers

    Likit Pliers

    Used for removing empty Little Likit pots from the Boredom Breaker or Tongue Twister.

  • stubbs-salt-lick-holder-[2]-1004-p[ekm]80x80[ekm][1]

    Salt Lick Holder

    Outstanding heavy steel, brick type lick holder. Coated in an advanced polymer affording superior protection.

  • Rockies - Baby Yellow

    Rockies Baby Lick

    Rockies Baby Pure Salt – Is pure salt for horses.

  • Uncle Jimmy's Licky Thing

    Uncle Jimmy’s Licky Thing

    Uncle Jimmy’s Licky Things¬†are premium treats which will fit all major treat holders.

  • Likit Treat Bar

    Likit Treat Bar Pack

    This delicious treat is moulded like a bar of chocolate made out of the tasty Likit. Horse who love the Likits will love these bars.

  • Falcon_Herbal_Treats_5kg_0[1]

    Falcon Herbal Treats

    Falcon Herbal Treats are chunky nuggets, high in fibre and low in starch and sugars.

  • timthumb[1]

    Global Herbs Treats 3Kg

    Reward at any time of day,  as part of a balanced diet.

    From: £5.25

    Likit Holder

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Likit products!

  • Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls

    Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Balls

    The perfect treat for your horse.

    From: £13.25
  • ball feeder

    Shires Ball Feeder

    Encourages a more natural, slower eating pattern than feeding from a bucket.

  • Stable Lick

    Dengie Stable Lick

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Dengie products!

  • likit kit

    Likit Starter Kit

    The easiest way to start using Likits.

  • 7531 Jolly Ball Red

    Jolly Ball

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Jolly Ball!

  • gliiter ball red

    Glitter Treat Toy

    These 12 sided toys are a great way of relieving boredom for your horse or pony and are perfect for playtime!

  • Likit Boredom Breaker

    Likit Boredom Breaker

    The toy has been designed so that Likits last longer.

  • LICKIT 04

    Tongue Twister

    The ball rotates when licked by the horse to extend the period of interest.

  • snack a ball red


    Small amount of feed come out of the hole which is fab for keeping horses amused for long periods of time or great for those horses which bolt their feed down.


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