• Global Herbs SuperCalm Instant

    Global Herbs SuperCalm Instant

    'Instant' is a convenient concentrated form of SuperCalm which works in 1-3 hours and lasts for over half a day. It is useful in any horse.

  • NLHGeneric

    NLH Aconite 30

    For shock, intense distress, anxiety and fear which comes on suddenly from any cause.

  • NLHGeneric

    NLH Scutellaria 200c

    For the over excitable, pushy overbearing horse.

  • NLHGeneric

    NLH Kali Phos 30

    To aid convalescence. This remedy is ideal to help the convalescing horse to keep calm during this period.

  • NLHGeneric

    NLH Aconite 200

    For shock, intense distress and anxiety associated with travel and competition. Also used in cases of ‘tying up’.

  • NLHGeneric

    NLH Gelsemium 200

    For the timid and shy – used when horses literally quake with fear.

  • NLHGeneric

    NLH Mixed Pollen

    For allergies to airborne pollens which can result in head shaking and other reactions.

  • NLH_Brewers_yeast

    NLH Brewers Yeast

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies NatraLiving Health products!

    From: £6.50
  • ProKalm 1.1kg

    Science Supplements ProKalm

    Fast acting and effective calming supplement with results in as little as 30 minutes from feeding.

    From: £9.25
  • Naf Five Star Instant Magic

    Naf Five Star Instant Magic

    Naf Five Star Instant Magic uses bio-available magnesium combined with a fast acting herbal base for an effective instant calming effect.

  • So IKalm Paste

    Equine America So Kalm Paste

    Reduce stress, promote calming and improve concentration

  • NLH_Agnus_Castus

    NLH Agnus Castus Monkspepper

    A herb long used to re-establish the oestrus cycle and balance the hormonal system. Helps improve behaviour when mares are in season and also used to regulate seasons.

  • Dodson & Horrell Placid

    Dodson & Horrell Placid

    Dodson & Horrell Placid is a calming blend of Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Vervain, Magnesium and Lime Flowers which have been thoughtfully put together for horses with behavioural issues.

  • c963d2b8-3b16-4e55-9c4e-088031c56232-A

    Gold Label Oestraban

    Contains a mimicking herb which can be fed to stallions or rigs to assist with handling problems. Can also be used to maintain hormone balance for working mares prone to mare-ish tendencies.

  • NLH_ChamomileFlowers

    NLH Chamomile Flowers

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies NatraLiving Health products!

  • Animal Health Company - Hormonise


    To help maintain and balance hormonal function.

  • 171-214x214-equine_america_progest_wt_powder.1ah2eh[1]

    Equine America Progest

    Daily to any horse who’s digestive system is under stress from travelling, competition, new surroundings, illness or a change of feed

  • Gut_balancer- 750g

    Nettex Gut Balancer

    A highly effective prebiotic and probiotic, natural yeast formulation that balances and enhances digestibility for all round health and vitality.

  • 5star_magic_1.5kg

    NAF Five Star Magic

    It’s a five star formula that contains a unique combination of herbs and nutrients known to help relax muscle tissue and support concentration.

    From: £18.75
  • Horse First - Relax Me

    Horse First Relax Me

    Horse First RelaxMe is an unique calmer that works simultaneously on the gut and the nervous system.

    From: £18.75
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