Bucket Accessories

  • 7203 Skip

    Kanguro Small Skip bucket

    Can be rolled on without damage to animal or skip! Frost proof, UV sunlight proof and recycled. Perfect!

  • Lincoln-Large-Economy-Sponge

    Lincoln Large Economy Sponge

    A general purpose sponge. Size: 6″ x 4″ x 2″.

  • 7644 Water Bucket Cover

    Stable Bucket Cover

    Shedfield Equestian supplies this Stable Bucket Cover!

  • feed stirrers

    Plastic Feed Stirrer

  • 860011

    Harold Moore Feed Stirrer

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Harold Moore products!

  • 860055

    Roma Bucket Cover

    Ideal for covering over feed / water buckets

    From: £2.55
  • 860533

    Roma Plastic Feed Scoop

    A tough and robust plastic feed scoop

  • 7444 Feed Bucket Cover

    Feed Bucket Cover

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies this Feed Bucket Cover!

  • 991A

    Snap Hook On Wall Plate

    Ideal for hanging water buckets or feed buckets.

  • 3213-Lincoln-Water-Bucket-Brush-

    Lincoln Bucket Brush

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Lincoln’s Bucket Brush!


    Heavy Duty Feed Scoop

  • 7120 Morning Feed Bucket Cover

    Bucket Cover Morning / Evening Feed

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies these Feed Bucket Covers!

  • Small Hand Feed Scoop, strong yet lightweight. With a sturdy easy-grip handle ideal for little hands and pony sized feeds buy from www.shedfieldequestrian.co.uk.

    Hand Feed Scoop

    A strong yet lightweight feed scoop. Complete with a sturdy easy-grip handle ideal for little hands and pony sized feeds.

  • SB018[1]

    Tubtrug Cover Purple

    Covers are designed to keep wet things wet and dry things dry. Fits medium and large Tubtrugs and Tyre Rubber up to 20 litre size.

  • 15lt tub

    Flexi tub trug bucket15lt

    Genuine Flexible TubTrug Shallow 15L Flexi TubTrugs Horse Feeding Bucket available in a range of colours

  • 7804 S8 Heavy Duty Bucket Holder

    Heavy Duty Wall Fixing Bucket Holder

    Height 21cm Width 35cm Depth 35cm Weight 3.38kg.


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