• Hy Bandage Tape

    Hy Bandage Tape

    A generous roll of good quality tape. Secure and durable.

  • tail bandage

    LeMieux Tail Bandage

    Even stretch elastication with simple tie closure.

  • Shires Fleece / Polo Bandages very warm and soft, making them ideal for support and protection featuring soft touch fastenings, buy from

    Shires Fleece / Polo Bandage

    When you need support and protection, whether that is in the stable, travelling or exercising, these are ideal.

  • Robinson Healthcare Veterinary Gamgee protects the wound from external injury!

    Robinson Healthcare Veterinary Gamgee

    Robinson Healthcare Veterinary Gamgee protects the wound / injury from any further external injuries.

    From: £10.95
  • Hy - Exercise Bandage

    Hy Exercise Bandage

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Hydrophane Products!

  • bandage pads

    LeMieux Bandage Pads

    LeMieux Bandage Pads are breathable pads which have a flannel side to wick away heat & sweat and cotton ribbed outer.

    From: £12.95
  • bandages orange

    Shires Deluxe Polo Bandages

    A deluxe set of fleece bandages

  • Woof Wear Leg Wraps

    Woof Wear Leg Wraps

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Woof Wear products!

  • ImageGen[2]

    Cottage Craft Shaped Leg Pads

    As these are pre shaped they offer good protection over the hocks for either in the stable or for travelling.

  • LeMieux Stable Boots / Wraps, amazing multi-purpose stable / travel boot, that are breathable & ideal for drying wet legs, available from

    LeMieux Stable Boots / Wraps

    With soft removable liners which have flannel inners that help wick away heat and sweat.


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