• NLHGeneric

    NLH Caladium 30

    Used as fly and midge repellent.

  • NLH_Garlic_Powder

    NLH Garlic Powder

    A rich source of sulphur, oil and B vitamins, supporting the respiratory and digestive systems.

    From: £5.95
  • Baileys Garlic Supplement

    Baileys Garlic Supplement

    Garlic has long been used to support a healthy respiratory system as well for the digestive system and as a natural insect repellent.

    From: £7.25
  • Global Herbs FlyFree

    Global Herbs FlyFree

    Global Herbs FlyFree works well with Fly Free Shampoo which contains herbs that will repel the flies and giving the horse a clean and shiney coat.

    From: £12.75
  • Dermoline Sweet Itch Lotion is an oily lotion designed for relief, alleviation and prevention, during the summer months available from

    Dermoline Sweet Itch Lotion

    A highly effective licensed veterinary medicinal product for use during the summer season.


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