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  • hoof pick

    Hoof Pick

    Plastic shaped hoof pick.

  • 6842 Alto Light

    Alto Light

    A unique blend of natural oils, lanolin and glycerine that is used to add deep highlights around the eye and muzzle area without giving a wet look.

  • Gold Label Pig Oil & Sulphur

    Gold Label Pig Oil & Sulphur

    Old recipe for the conditioning of legs and feathers and to aid the prevention of any mud-bone infections.

  • 3091 - Supreme Products - Quarter Markers spray

    Quarter Marker Spray 250ml

    Simply mark up then set the marks by spraying Quarter Marking Spray to hold them in place!

  • Gold Label Show White Powder

    Gold Label Show White Powder

    Ideal for shires and heavy horses' feather. Whiter than chalk.

  • Nettex Hi-Shimmer Coat Spray

    Nettex Hi-Shimmer Coat Spray

    Deluxe dual purpose spray for an outstanding hi-gloss finish to coats, manes and tails.

  • Coat_shine_500ml_0[1]

    Nettex Coat Shine

    Ultimate coat dressing to produce a stunning, high shine finish to all coat types

  • 3091-Supreme-Products-Quarter-Markers-spray-small

    Quarter Markers Spray

    Use Supreme Products Quarter Marking Spray to enhance the appearance of Quarter Marks and help them stay in place for longer

  • c367d65f06f504d07f09b443c35dcf57.image.219x180[1]

    LeMieux Gummy Brush

    Two-In-One grooming tool combines a gentle but effective bristle brush on one side, with a feel-good rubber scrubby on the other.

  • Supreme Products Make Up Palette, ideal for covering a mark, scar; or the unwanted grey hair, available from

    Make Up Palette

    Great if you need just a small amount to cover a mark; scar; stray coloured hair or to produce a more difficult shade.

  • Nettex Mane and Tail Detangler

    Nettex Mane and Tail Detangler

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Nettex Products!

  • hotoil

    Hot Oil

    Use brand new Supreme Products Hot Oil when hot clothing – to clean the coat; remove grease and dirt and to add great condition and shine to the coat.

  • km-highlighter-150x150[1]

    KM Elite Champion Highlighter

    Champion Highlighter is a clear facial highlighter which illuminates, enhances and defines

  • Supreme Products High Shine Finishing Wipes

    High Shine Finishing Wipes

    These fabulous wipes can be used round the eyes and on the muzzle, down the legs and on the quarters. Contains Citronella and UV Protection to help prevent sunburn on lighter skinned animals.

  • 2234 - Carr & Day & Martin - Dreamcoat

    Carr & Day & Martin Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish

    You can now ‘Outshine’ the competition with the ultimate high gloss finish.

  • Carr & Day & Martin Canter Coat Shine will not leave a coat greasy, but leaves an oil free shine can be used on wet or dry hair buy from

    Carr & Day & Martin Canter Coat Shine

    This product helps to repel grass stains, mud and soiling whilst providing an oil free shine, therefore leaving the coat non-greasy.

  • Carr & Day & Martin Canter Mane and Tail this product has never been equalled! Keeps mane and tail sleek, tangle-free and soft, buy from

    Carr & Day & Martin Canter Mane and Tail

    A powerful detangler is our most popular product and is a favourite around the world.  A long-lasting conditioner makes grooming quick and easy, and reduces hair breakage.

  • showring shine

    Absorbine ShowSheen 950ml Refill

    ShowSheen® Hair Polish & Detangler is better than ever!

  • Cowboy Magic Concentrated Rosewater Conditioner, new to the Equine World. Offering deep-conditioning to the hair and skin, available from

    Cowboy Magic Rosewater Conditioner

    This formula will dissolve any mineral and chemical build up which has been left by water.

  • Cowboy Magic Concentrated Rosewater Shampoo contains fast acting ingredients to breakdown the dirt without damaging the hair, buy from

    Cowboy Magic Concentrated Rosewater Shampoo

    Used to gently dissolve dirt and clean your horse's hair. Containing a fast acting ingredients breaking down dirt and any foreign bodies without damaging the hair.

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