Head Collars

  • Rhinegold Head Collar

    Rhinegold Head Collar

    Great everyday Head Collar in a range of colours.

  • Sheepskin Lined Ethological Halter, pre-knotted polypropylene rope, both headpiece and noseband have soft padded sleeves, available from www.shedfieldequestrian.co.uk

    Sheepskin Lined Ethological Halter by Ekkia

    An ethological halter in pre-knotted polypropylene rope for a precise contact.

  • halter ethological

    Sheepskin lined ethological halter

    Sheepskin lined rope headcollar.

  • 381-Royal-bluet[1]

    Shires Nylon Foal Head Collar

    This nylon headcollar has been specially designed to fit foals.

  • Shires Adjustable Rope Halter

    Shires Adjustable Rope Halter

    Useful for horses were more control is needed as the halter tightens when horse leans into it, encourages lightness.

  • Ekkia “Filet Olive” Halter, both the browband and the noseband are decorated with a solid brass bit, adjustable noseband, available from www.shedfieldequestrian.co.uk

    Ekkia “Filet Olive” Halter

    A double thickness polypropylene (tough). The browband and noseband are decorated with a solid brass bit with an adjustable with buckle.

  • equitheme-blue

    Equi – Theme Head Collars

    Headpiece and noseband adjust with buckles. Quick-release snap on throat latch.

  • Jumpers Horse Line Leather Foal Headcollar

    HY Leather Foal Headcollar

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies HY products!

  • wsh bag

    Horsewear Wash-Bag

    Wash numnahs, rugs and other horsewear without clogging up the machine.

    From: £13.25
  • km elite royal blue

    KM Elite Luxury Padded Head Collars

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies KM Elite products !!!!!

  • baby1

    Shires Foal Slip

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Jumper’s Horse Line products!

  • cottage craft head collar candy

    Cottage Craft Head Collars

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Cottage Craft products !!!!!

  • 259cf8f549645b2a106d241758dcff98.image.219x180[1]

    LeMieux Vogue Fleece Headcollar

    A lovely soft halter featuring fleece inserts at the poll strap and nose band.

  • km elite

    KM Elite Argentinian Pattern Head Collars

    Double and triple weave lined nylon for durability with nickel clips and a solid nickel throat lash clip.

  • 373R

    Shires Blenheim Adjustable Leather Headcollar

    This hand sewn Blenheim quality leather headcollar has been specially designed to fit racehorses.

  • Hy Leather Head Collar

    Hy Leather Head Collar

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies HYCLASS Leather Head Collars!

  • rolled leather headcollar

    C.S.O. Round Leather Head Collar

    Stitched rolled leather head collar.


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