• Flaxoil 1L_lowrez

    Global Herbs Flax Oil

    Flax oil contains omega oils which is great for the skin, body defences and general suppleness.

    From: £2.75
  • NLHGeneric

    NLH Ruta Grav 200c

    Most common remedy for tendon injury often used combined with Rhus Tox.

  • NLHGeneric

    NLH Rhus Tox 200

    For soft tissue strains where the horse keeps shifting to get comfortable usually relieved with movement often affected by cold weather.

  • NLHGeneric

    NLH Symphytum 200c

    ShFor healing and pain relief in bone and tendon injuries such as splints. Also useful for eye injuries from blunt objects.edfield Equestrian supplies Natraliving Health products.

  • NLHGeneric

    NLH Calc Fluor 30c

    For long lasting splints – success is better with recent splints but it is still worth treating older cases.

  • NLH_CiderVinegar

    NLH Cider Vinegar

    Maintains overall good health and vitality, providing a rich source of potassium, phosphorous, calcium, sodium, iron and trace elements

    From: £5.95
  • Gold Label Comfrey Oil

    Gold Label Comfrey Oil

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Gold Label’s products!

  • 4111 Lincoln Garlic, Parsley & Linseed Oil

    Garlic Parsley and Linseed Oil

    An easily absorbed form of beneficial garlic and parsley in nutritious linseed oil. For all round wellbeing and vitality.

  • Dodson & Horrell Mobility

    Dodson & Horrell Mobility

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies D&H Mobility!

  • NAF Apple Cider Vinegar

    NAF Apple Cider Vinegar

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Natural Animal Feeds products!

  • Global Herbs Tumeric

    Global Herbs Tumeric

    Turmeric is a popular spice with strong soothing, antioxidant properties, commonly used for digestion, skin and joints.

  • Robinson Healthcare Veterinary Gamgee protects the wound from external injury!

    Robinson Healthcare Veterinary Gamgee

    Robinson Healthcare Veterinary Gamgee protects the wound / injury from any further external injuries.

    From: £10.95
  • naf-devils-relief

    NAF Devil’s Relief

    NAF Devil’s Relief is an effective combination of herbs formulated together with Devil’s Claw, a herb native to Africa.

    From: £10.95
  • NLHComfery

    NLH Comfrey Leaves

    Comfrey helps the repair of skin wounds, bones, cartilage and soft connective tissue.

  • glucosamine-10000-plus-with-msm[2]

    NAF Glucosamine 10000 Plus with MSM

    NAF Glucosamine 10000 Plus with MSM is used for everyday maintenance of the joints.

  • Glucosamine 10,000 plus MSM & ASU & HA

    Glucosamine 10,000 plus MSM & ASU & HA

    Glucosamine 10,000 plus MSM & ASU & HA is a simple supplement to aid the horse’s joints. and is fed as part of healthy balanced diet.

  • Animal Health Company - NoBute

    No Bute

    For maintaining healthy joints and connective tissue. Particularly useful for horses that have suffered from joint discomfort. Contains Devils Claw.

  • Global Herbs StrongBone

    Global Herbs StrongBone

    The herbs in Global Herbs StrongBone go a long way to ensure a perfect balance between the need for calcium, magnesium and phosphorus – the most important minerals for skeletal development.

  • thO6BNYST2

    Equine America MSM Powder

    MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) is a high quality, bio-available form of organic Sulphur, which is an essential component of connective tissue, cartilage, skin, and hooves.

  • NAF-Superflex

    NAF Five Star Superflex

    Horses’ joints have to cope with extreme forces and it is commonly the cartilage that is the first part to show wear and tear.

    From: £16.95
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