Body Wash

  • Lincoln-Large-Economy-Sponge

    Lincoln Large Economy Sponge

    A general purpose sponge. Size: 6″ x 4″ x 2″.

  • Lincoln Plastic Sweat Scraper

    Lincoln Plastic Sweat Scraper

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Lincoln products!

  • Hydrophane Bloom Shampoo

    Hydrophane Bloom Shampoo

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Hydrophane Products!

  • Nettex Citronella No-Rinse Wash

    Nettex Citronella No-Rinse Wash

    Citronella No-Rinse wash can be diluted in warm or cold water and sponged on to remove sweat, dirt and grease from all coat types.

  • Fly Away Colour Enhancing Shampoo

    Fly Away Colour Enhancing Shampoo

    Enhances natural colour on bays, chestnuts and palomino.

  • Nettex_Peppermint_No_Rinse_Wash

    Nettex Peppermint No Rinse Wash

    The Peppermint Wash is refreshing and will invigorate your horse after strenuous exercise or on a hot day.

  • Barrier Revitalising Wash, with peppermint and spearmint this is a light soothing wash that refreshes and removes sweat. Buy from

    Barrier Revitalising Wash

    This will cool your horse / pony down after competition, exercise or on those hot sticky days.

  • Barrier Lavender Wash can be applied direct to bruised/grazed areas containing coconut derivatives & purest high grade lavender. Buy from

    Barrier Lavender Wash

    This is the ideal for when your horse / pony is tired, after a competition or exercise and requires a soothing wash.

  • Robinson Healthcare Products Activ Wash

    Robinson Healthcare Products Activ Wash

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Robinson Healthcare Products!

  • stain remover shampoo

    Supreme Products Stain Remover Shampoo

    For older, established stains.

  • Cowboy Magic Concentrated Rosewater Shampoo contains fast acting ingredients to breakdown the dirt without damaging the hair, buy from

    Cowboy Magic Concentrated Rosewater Shampoo

    Used to gently dissolve dirt and clean your horse's hair. Containing a fast acting ingredients breaking down dirt and any foreign bodies without damaging the hair.

  • supergroom with tea tree

    Equine America Super Groom Tea Tree Shampoo

    Refreshing, soothing and deep cleansing


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