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  • 4954+plait+aid

    Lincoln Plait Aid

    Four pronged comb

  • Lincoln-Large-Economy-Sponge

    Lincoln Large Economy Sponge

    A general purpose sponge. Size: 6″ x 4″ x 2″.

  • Lincoln Plaiting Thread

    Lincoln Plaiting Thread

    15 meters of Wenzel plaiting thread on a card, complete with needle.

    From: £1.10
  • 3960 Plaiting Band In Half Open Box

    Lincoln Plaiting Bands

    Approximately 800 per container. Ideal for that winning look!

  • 5080 Chalk Blocks 2006

    Hatchwells Chalk Block

    A simple and effective grooming and dry cleaning product that is ideal for any animal.

  • Lincoln - Cactus Grooming Mit

    Lincoln Cactus Grooming Mit

    Easy to handle mit with cactus cloth on one side to help shed dust and sweat stains and towelling on the other side for polishing the coat to a bright sheen.

  • Gold Label Pig Oil & Sulphur

    Gold Label Pig Oil & Sulphur

    Old recipe for the conditioning of legs and feathers and to aid the prevention of any mud-bone infections.

  • 3091 - Supreme Products - Quarter Markers spray

    Quarter Marker Spray 250ml

    Simply mark up then set the marks by spraying Quarter Marking Spray to hold them in place!

  • Gold Label Show White Powder

    Gold Label Show White Powder

    Ideal for shires and heavy horses' feather. Whiter than chalk.

  • Carr & Day & Martin Gallop Colour Shampoo anti-bac, colour enhancing, insecticidal, conditioning, herbal, stain-removing, available from www.shedfieldequestrian.co.uk

    Carr & Day & Martin Gallop Colour Shampoos

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Carr & Day & Martin Products!

  • Gold Label Hoof Varnish

    Gold Label Hoof Varnish

    A rapid drying hoof varnish for short term use.

    From: £7.95
  • shampoos

    Wahl Colour Enhancing Shampoo

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Wahl equestrian products!

    From: £8.50
  • eyes_nose_wipe

    Nettex Eye And Nose Wipes

    Natural and hygienic, solvent free wipes to cleanse sensitive areas including eyes and nose, dock, teats and around the ears

  • Stain_remover_200ml

    Nettex Stain Remover

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Nettex Products!

  • Nettex Hi-Shimmer Coat Spray

    Nettex Hi-Shimmer Coat Spray

    Deluxe dual purpose spray for an outstanding hi-gloss finish to coats, manes and tails.

  • plating_spray_500ml_fikuvc[1]

    Nettex Plaiting Spray

    It can be brushed through after removing plaits to leave the hair manageable and soft.

  • Coat_shine_500ml_0[1]

    Nettex Coat Shine

    Ultimate coat dressing to produce a stunning, high shine finish to all coat types

  • 3091-Supreme-Products-Quarter-Markers-spray-small

    Quarter Markers Spray

    Use Supreme Products Quarter Marking Spray to enhance the appearance of Quarter Marks and help them stay in place for longer

  • Supreme Products Blue Rinse

    Blue Rinse

    To enhance the colour of white, grey, black, brown and coloured coats.

  • Supreme Products Make Up Palette, ideal for covering a mark, scar; or the unwanted grey hair, available from www.shedfieldequestrian.co.uk

    Make Up Palette

    Great if you need just a small amount to cover a mark; scar; stray coloured hair or to produce a more difficult shade.

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