• 5080 Chalk Blocks 2006

    Hatchwells Chalk Block

    A simple and effective grooming and dry cleaning product that is ideal for any animal.

  • chalk powder

    Hatchwells Chalk Shaker

    A superb whitening product, Will keep those white legs, feathers, faces beautifully white.

  • Nettex Blemish Cover Up

    Nettex Blemish Cover Up

    Innovative make up spray designed to hide all unwanted blemishes, scars and bald patches.

  • Gold Label Show White Powder

    Gold Label Show White Powder

    Ideal for shires and heavy horses' feather. Whiter than chalk.

  • Nettex Hi-Shimmer Coat Spray

    Nettex Hi-Shimmer Coat Spray

    Deluxe dual purpose spray for an outstanding hi-gloss finish to coats, manes and tails.

  • Supreme Products Make Up Palette, ideal for covering a mark, scar; or the unwanted grey hair, available from

    Make Up Palette

    Great if you need just a small amount to cover a mark; scar; stray coloured hair or to produce a more difficult shade.

  • Supreme Products - Make Up Black Matt-Group

    Make Up

    Use Supreme Products Make Up to cover over marks, scars and unwanted dark coat hairs.

    From: £10.50
  • km-highlighter-150x150[1]

    KM Elite Champion Highlighter

    Champion Highlighter is a clear facial highlighter which illuminates, enhances and defines

  • 6934 Groom Away Illuminate

    Groom Away Illuminate

    Give your horses face an eye catching glisten and glimmer with “illuminate”.

  • Supreme Products Highlighter Gloss

    Highlighter Gloss

    A fabulous finish is achieved on eyes, nose and dock area.

  • Supreme Products Glistening Oil

    Glistening Oil

    Supreme Products Glistening Oil is a superior light grooming oil to add the final touch.

  • Supreme Products Leg & Body Whitener

    Leg & Body Whitener

    A brilliant white, easy to apply leg and body whitener.

  • KM Elite Champion Black the perfect solution for making those dark legs stand out ideal for the show ring, buy from

    Champion Black / White 400ml

    The perfect ingredient for making those dark legs stand out. Very easy to use.

  • hatchwells_chalk_powder_3_kg[1]

    Hatchwells Chalk Powder

    To enhance white areas of a coat prior to a competition.

  • Supreme Products Cover Magic

    Cover Magic

    Supreme Products Cover Magic White can be used to cover over marks and scars as well as to whiten socks and cover over last minute stains.


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