Pulling, Trimming & Thinning

  • Lincoln Hoof Pick Pulling Comb

    Lincoln Hoof Pick Pulling Comb

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Lincoln Products!

  • 7564 Main Comb Blades

    Mane Comb Blades

    Heavy duty replacement blades to fit mane comb.

  • 1091

    Aluminium Curry Comb

    A large aluminium comb

  • thR71IGFWM

    LeMieux Close Shave

    An ideal and quick way to trim whiskers, face, ears, bridle paths, feathers etc especially good for difficult horses – no the risk of cutting them.


  • hippo brush pink

    HIPPO-TONIC Braiding brush

    Handy brush with a lid

  • Smart Grooming Unpick Tool

    Smart Quick Unpick

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Equine Grooming Products!

  • Shires Mane Thinning Knife

    Shires Mane Thinning Knife

    Mane Thinning Knife

  • 4167 Thinning Scissors

    Thinning Scissors

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies these thinning scissors!

  • Triple Action Mane Comb for the horses who hate having their mane / tails pulled or thinned, this will make life so much easier, buy from www.shedfieldequestrian.co.uk

    Triple Action Mane Comb

    Do you struggling when trying to pull your horse / pony’s mane or tail? This will make the job so much easier! The blades can be easily replaced.

  • Lincoln Fetlock Scissors

    Lincoln Fetlock Scissors

    Metal scissors with curved blades to ensure safe and easy trimming of unwanted hair in tricky areas.

  • Lincoln-Thinning-Scissors

    Lincoln Thinning Scissors

    Steel blade. Great for tidying up manes and tails. Features plastic handles.

  • Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer

    Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Wahl equestrian products!

  • Hummingbird

    Hummingbird Trimmers

    The Hummingbird is a rechargeable trimmer. Mini body with an ergonomic soft feel handle

  • 1356625984-86838700[1]

    Wolseley Wren Trimmers

    These are mains powered. Light and quiet. Very easy to use. They are adjustable so that you can choose the length of cut from 2mm – 6mm.

  • Skylark Trimmer

    Skylark Trimmer

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Clippers!

  • Swift

    Wolseley Swift Clipper Kit

    They are a great all round clipper for every level of user.


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