Pettifers Green Oils

    Pettifers Green Oils is a tried and tested embrocation, trusted in the equine industry for its anti-bacterial and soothing effects. To be rubbed on regions particularly suffering from stiffness, bruising, sprains or swelling. Proven to soothe and maintain healthy blood circulation

  • Lincoln-Large-Economy-Sponge

    Lincoln Large Economy Sponge

    A general purpose sponge. Size: 6″ x 4″ x 2″.

  • 60 ml

    Syringe 60ml

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Equestrian products!

  • Hy Bandage Tape

    Hy Bandage Tape

    A generous roll of good quality tape. Secure and durable.

  • Virkon S (50g Sachets) Approved by DEFRA, it’s a broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant, ideal for use in any horse/animal area. Buy from

    Virkon S (50g Sachets)

    Approved by DERFA as a broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant. Highly versatile – surface, equipment, water and aerial disinfection.

  • 61Z8pyf2yHL__SY355_

    Latex free Gloves

    Small/large Latex free Gloves

  • Sealtex Latex Bandage is a self-sealing bandage, which is completely unaffected by water, ideal for wrapping bits, available from

    Sealtex Latex Bandage

    This is the ONLY bandage that is completely unaffected by water. It does not absorb any water, a self sealing bandage, perfect when needing to wrapping a bit.

  • Digital Thermometer, an accurate and extremely fast method of taking body temperature of animals, it only takes a few second’s buy from

    Digital Thermometer

    A very accurate and extremely fast method of taking the body temperature.

  • tape


    Heavy duty, reinforced tape.

  • 6902 Hoof it Poultice Boot

    Hoof It Poultice Boots

    Canvas poultice boot with hook and loop fastening.

    From: £12.50
  • Carr & Day & Martin Killitch an Authorised Veterinary Medicine (AVM), proven to prevent & treat sweet itch in horses and pony's, buy from

    Carr & Day & Martin Killitch

    Used as a preventative measure in early Spring prior to the symptoms becoming evident, the condition may not take hold. A licensed product with active ingredient benzyl benzoate in a soothing lotion, specially formulated for horses and pony's.

  • ImageGen[2]

    Cottage Craft Shaped Leg Pads

    As these are pre shaped they offer good protection over the hocks for either in the stable or for travelling.

  • Stethascope


    Shedfield Equestrian supplies WEFI products


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