• NLHaconite

    NLH Silicea 200c

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies NatraLiving Health products!

  • NLHGeneric

    NLH Calc Fluor 30c

    For long lasting splints – success is better with recent splints but it is still worth treating older cases.

  • NLHGeneric

    NLH Arsenicum Alb 200c

    For poisoning, diarrhoea, hot itchy skin irritations, feverishness, high temperatures, restlessness and anxiety with diarrhoea.

  • NLHGeneric

    NLH Symphytum 200c

    ShFor healing and pain relief in bone and tendon injuries such as splints. Also useful for eye injuries from blunt objects.edfield Equestrian supplies Natraliving Health products.

  • PreBioHerb500g

    Global Herbs Prebioherb

    A probiotic replaces the bad bacteria that may be growing in the bowel with harmless ones.

    From: £7.20
  • naf-devils-relief

    NAF Devil’s Relief

    NAF Devil’s Relief is an effective combination of herbs formulated together with Devil’s Claw, a herb native to Africa.

    From: £10.95
  • NLHComfery

    NLH Comfrey Leaves

    Comfrey helps the repair of skin wounds, bones, cartilage and soft connective tissue.

  • NLH_Meadowsweet

    NLH Meadowsweet Herb

    One of the best herbs for the digestive system.

  • Animal Health Company - NoBute

    No Bute

    For maintaining healthy joints and connective tissue. Particularly useful for horses that have suffered from joint discomfort. Contains Devils Claw.

  • Global Herbs Restore

    Global Herbs Restore

    A traditional detoxifying liver tonic which revives, helps with movement, and supports general condition and brightness.

    From: £17.50
  • NLH_DevilsClawRoot

    NLH Devils Claw Root

    Tests have shown Devil's Claw to have excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesticactions.

  • Dodson & Horrell Devils Claw Root

    Dodson & Horrell Devils Claw Root

    100% pure devil’s claw root. Soothing support for muscular & joint conditions.

  • Equine America Buteless High Strength

    Equine America Buteless High Strength

    Equine America Buteless High Strength is a natural and palatable formulation containing botanical extracts, providing a powerful natural alternative that can be used in the short or long term without concerns of side effects.

  • Farnam - Red Cell

    Farnham Red Cell

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Farnham Products!


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