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  • compression socks

    Aubrion Butler Performance socks

  • bunty

    Bunty Dog bowl

    Made from a robust stainless steel making them long lastings and easy to clean. Rubber base to prevent bowl sliding on tiled or laminate floors. Outside is finished in a protective enamel with bone a pattern. Non-tip design. Available in 3 sizes and 2 colours

    From: £4.50
  • boot socks

    Aubrion Cottonwood boot socks adults

  • performance socks

    Aubrion Springer Compression Socks

  • PR-6403-Vetrocalm_Intense_Instant_1

    Vetrocalm Intense Instant syringes twin pack

    Vetrocalm Intense INSTANT is a SUPER FAST acting SUPER STRENGTH formula that provides horse owners with fast acting targeted nutrition to support a calm and relaxed outlook in horses prone to tension, nerves, excitement or anxiety. Vetrocalm Intense INSTANT is scientifically formulated using an enhancement of the oxygen technology first used in Equine Oxyshot. Even a small decrease in oxygen levels can cause a change in behaviour. Vetrocalm Intense Instant works by assisting oxygen levels using natural ingredients. Under stress the bodies demand for oxygen increases and before competition this is magnified further as the body sends vital supplies to the brain and working muscles

  • Little-Rider-Riding-Star-Drawstring-Bag-01

    Little Rider Riding Star Drawstring Bag

    A cute little bag ideal for keeping your child’s horsey related items in.

    Available in two colours with the same designs. blue and pink

  • ariat performance socks

    Ariat Performance socks

    Put your best foot forward in AriatTEK™ performance socks. Made from machine washable wool with a performance anti-microbial fabrication, these socks are moisture-wicking and feature arch support with a breathable mesh wrap, targeted heel and ankle bone protection and augmented toe and heel pad cushioning. The socks are made with an anatomically correct right and left foot.

  • topzop grey


    This amazing new gadget is a real must for plaiting.

  • Ezi-Groom Adults Grooming Kit red

    Shires Ezi-Groom Adults Grooming Kit

    Handy barrel case containing an 8 piece coordinating grooming kit

  • hy-little-rider-show-pony-grooming-kit-rucksack-11631-p

    Little show pony back pack grooming kit

    Keep your pony sparkling clean! Choose from the blue Star in Show or pink Little Show Pony designed grooming brush sets, each contained in a handy, reusable rucksack. The set comprises of a face brush, dandy brush, body brush, hoof pick and mane comb to keep your pony in tip-top condition

  • ANIMALIFE_Logo_Vetro_Collections_CMYK_2017_White

    Vetrocalm 300g

    Vetrocalm Healthy /  Senior /  Growing

    From: £12.95
  • 15399-HyFASHION-Melrose-Cable-Knit-Bobble-Hat-Group

    HYfashion cable knit bobble hat

    The perfect fashion accessory for the cold weather. Our bobble hat features a cable knit design and detachable bobble, complete with a soft fleece lining to reduce irritation and increase warmth. This customisable hat is a practical choice for the fashion conscious equestrian.

  • lo_slippers_toez_brown_horze_1

    Lazy one toasty toes horse slippers

    Keep your little ones feet warm and cosy with the equestrian inspired Lazy One Toasty Toes Children’s Slipper Boots! With a fuzzy fleece lining, faux suede outer and a flexible grip sole, they are perfect for wearing around the house.

  • Crystal Plaiting Jewellery, these are amazing, how to give your horse/pony’s mane lots of extra sparkle, available in 2 colours, buy from

    Crystal Plaiting Jewellery

    Wow, these are fabulous, adding the extra ‘sparkle’ that you always hope for, making you stand out from the crowd.

  • horsecrocz

    Horsecrocz boot

    Horsecrocz are for use over hoof dressings to protect them from scraping and general wear and tear.

    From: £18.99
  • baselayer

    Aubrion Tipton Longsleeve Baselayers

  • vetroflex-healthy-liquid-p8935-30975_image

    Vetroflex Healthy

    Vetroflex Healthy is a bespoke formulation supporting all round wellbeing and flexibility to allow your horse to enjoy his everyday life.

  • vetrofen

    Vetrofen Healthy

    Stay sound with Vetrofen, targets joints & muscles…Vetrofen Healthy is a new supplement designed
    to give everyday support to comfort and mobility
    in active or ageing horses. Vetrofen Healthy is a
    proprietary blend of three plant sources known
    for their effective plant antioxidant support,
    Acacia catechu, Boswellia and Curcumin, with
    black pepper to aid absorption. Boswellia serrata (also known as Frankincense) has been used for centuries to support joint
    health; Acacia catechu has long being recognised
    in ayurvedic practitioners for its antioxidant
    properties and curcumin, from fenugreek is
    similarly revered in India as an antioxidant.

    From: £21.75
  • safesalt

    Science Supplements Safe Salts

    Shedfield Equestrian supply science supplements !!!

  • c685189f85327fe3270e5b6e9ab7dc71.image.150x150[1]

    LeMieux Crystal Trim Vogue Fly Hood with Silver Braiding

    Handmade close-knit crochet with inlaid line of crystal diamante trimed with silver rope. The comfortable high density ear fabric effectively softens  sound.

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