• Badminton Albion Bunny Munch Rabbit Food is a high fibre, high energy complete feed perfect for active little bunnies. Buy from www.shedfieldequestrian.co.uk

    Albion Bunny Munch

    Badminton Albion Bunny Munch Rabbit Food is ideal for active little bunnies it is a complete feed, high energy, high fibre food which is perfectly suited to active little bunnies.

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    Pigs Ear

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Dog Food!

  • Knuckle bones

    Knuckle Bones

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Dog Bones!

  • Guinea Pig Mix

    Allen & Page Guinea Pig Mix (Loose Bag)

    This mix is balanced with all the vitamins and minerals your guinea pig needs. It should be fed with plenty of hay and constant access to clean, fresh water.

  • markies

    Pedigree Markies Loose bag



    When your dog deserves something special, roll him some Markies.


  • Small Hand Feed Scoop, strong yet lightweight. With a sturdy easy-grip handle ideal for little hands and pony sized feeds buy from www.shedfieldequestrian.co.uk.

    Hand Feed Scoop

    A strong yet lightweight feed scoop. Complete with a sturdy easy-grip handle ideal for little hands and pony sized feeds.

  • Badminton Goat Mix is suitable for all types and ages of goats, a lightly molassed coarse mix. Buy from www.shefieldequestrian.co.uk

    Goat Mix

    A lightly molassed but highly palatable coarse mix, specially formulated for goats of all types and ages.


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