Girths and Covers

  • 7673 Fur Fabric Girth Sleeve

    Hy Fur Fabric Girth Sleeve

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Hy products!

  • 57-1-1147x200

    Shires Web Girth

    The Shires Web Girth is strong and durable with anti-rust roller buckles.

  • Humane Cushion Web Girth

    Shires Humane Girth

    The breathable, cushioned web fabric keeps moisture build up to a minimum to reduce the risk of chafing. Quality anti-rust fittings.

  • d1e7f-342926_pad_1000x1000

    Aerborn Waffle Humane Girth

    Ideal for most GP saddles, very soft and comfortable, but also very strong. Aerborns patented waffle material helps prevent chaffing or rubbing.

  • anti chaff girth

    Shires Anti Chafe Girth

    Synthetic contour girth with double layer elastic inserts at both ends to even pressure and prevent pinching.

  • 3565_black

    Shires Blenheim Leather Girth

    The contoured shape enables freedom around the elbows whilst triple thickness elastic inserts at both ends help alleviate pressure.

  • cord girth

    Cord Girth

    Highly suitable for horses with difficult saddle position. Made of breathable material, easy to care and machine-washable, this cord girth is very attractive.

  • dressage girth

    C.S.O Dressage Memory Girth

    Memory foam core with nylon on outer side and absorbing polyester mesh on the inner side. Anti-chafing edges.

    From: £29.25
  • cso-memory-girth

    C.S.O Memory Girth

    Memory foam core with reinforcing polypropylene bands sewn on a cover made of nylon on outer side, and of absorbing polyester mesh on inner side. Anti-chafing edges

  • Wintec Elastic Dressage Girth

    Wintec Elastic Dressage Girth

    The Wintec Elastic Girth is designed to stretch from the centre of the girth when the horse is working providing comfort.

  • 343116

    Wintec Elastic Girth

    A straight cut girth

  • 2797 Girth Cover

    LeMieux Lambskin Girth Cover

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies LeMieux Lambskin Girth Cover!

  • 8609b109fda2637b23b1517ed01b070e.image.150x150[1]

    LeMieux Integrated Web Dressage Girth

    Providing a soft, light and breathable surface against your horse.


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