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  • Guinea Pig Mix

    Allen & Page Guinea Pig Mix (Loose Bag)

    This mix is balanced with all the vitamins and minerals your guinea pig needs. It should be fed with plenty of hay and constant access to clean, fresh water.

  • Allen & Page Fast Fibre is particularly suited for natives/goodoers; low in starch and sugar, ideal for the laminitics. Buy from

    Fast Fibre

    Fast Fibre is ideal for horse and ponies prone to laminitis as it is a high fibre, low sugar and starch, (combined sugar and starch is less than 10%).

  • Cool & Collected

    Cool & Collected

    For horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work. Ideal for horses and ponies that suffer from feed-related behaviour issues.

  • Allen & Page 'L' Mix designed for those who are prone to Laminitis, including a special blend off pre and probiotics. Buy from

    ‘L’ Mix – For Those Prone To Laminitis

    A mix designed for those who are prone to Laminitis which is Low Starch, low calorie, high fibre,  No added sugars, molasses or cereal grains.

  • Veteran Vitality

    Veteran Vitality

    For horses and ponies that are starting to show the signs of ageing. Suitable for those struggling to chew due to missing and worn teeth.

  • Allen & Page Old Faithful's Special Blend, ideal for fussy eaters a blend of soya & linseed oil to help maintain healthy joints. Buy from

    Old Faithful’s Special Blend

    For your Veterans who need a little extra help to maintain a good condition and flexibility.

  • Ride & Relax

    Ride & Relax

    Ideal for those with an intolerance to barley and/or molasses. Suitable for horses / ponies at rest / light to medium work.

  • Allen & Page Calm & Condition containing Omega 3 oils providing slow release energy, less likely to cause excitability. Buy from

    Calm & Condition

    It is suitable for a wide range of horses / ponies from those resting to those in full work. For older horses / ponies who struggle with weight loss /condition / worn and missing teeth.

  • Allen & Page Power & Performance is designed for hard working horse / pony, with a barley and molasses intolerance. Buy from

    Power & Performance

    Suitable for horses / ponies who suffer with barley or molasses intolerance. Ideal for those in hard work.

  • Allen & Page Weight Gain Mix, this is a very palatable mix for those that need to gain weight and condition. Buy from

    Weight Gain

    A highly palatable mix for horses who need to gain weight and for those who tend to lose condition.


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