• Barrier Anti-Bacterial Skin Spray which contains a high percentage of Tea Tree and 100% natural herb concentrates, buy from

    Barrier Anti Bacterial Skin Spray

    This is a must have for your first aid kit, it does not seal the wound but is quickly absorbed by the skin ensuring ideal conditions for natural healing.

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    Battles udder cream

    Battles original udder cream. A readily absorbent cream to maintain good udder condition and aid in the treatment of chaps and sores. Been used successfully in milking parlours for decades! Active Ingredient 0.1% cetrimide B.P.

    From: £6.25
  • Barrier Revitalising Wash, with peppermint and spearmint this is a light soothing wash that refreshes and removes sweat. Buy from

    Barrier Revitalising Wash

    This will cool your horse / pony down after competition, exercise or on those hot sticky days.

  • Barrier Sunburn Soother gives a factor 25 protection against the sun, ideal for all of those pink nosed horses / ponies, buy from

    Barrier Sunburn Soother

    Contains non-toxic natural  ingredients. Giving factor 25 protection to help repair sore, sensitive and raw areas caused by the sun.

  • Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel this is a natural product that helps and promotes natural healing, can be applied onto raw skin buy from

    Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

    A natural product that can be applied direct to the skin including raw, sore, irritated areas including small cuts, grazes, sunburn and insect bites.

  • Barrier Lavender Wash can be applied direct to bruised/grazed areas containing coconut derivatives & purest high grade lavender. Buy from

    Barrier Lavender Wash

    This is the ideal for when your horse / pony is tired, after a competition or exercise and requires a soothing wash.

  • Barrier Heel to Hoof Soothing Cream, is a specially formulated lotion, offering protection against many winter skin issues. Buy from

    Barrier Heel to Hoof

    A waterproof barrier, a specially forumulated lotion which offers protection against many winter skin issues.

  • Barrier Anti-Pecking Spray with antibacterial properties a natural disinfectant with a foul taste to help deter feather pecking, buy from

    Barrier Anti-Pecking Spray

    This products is also suitable for use in organic farming systems. A foul tasting spray to help deter feather pecking.

  • Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent, apply directly onto the sore area, it will calm & soothe the irritation caused by midges buy from

    Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent

    This non-stinging formulation this will calm and soothe the irritation that midge bites cause.

    From: £9.95
  • fly spray

    Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent

    Helps to prevent blood sucking and nuisance flying insects including, black, bot, horsefly, house  midge and stable flies, and stops the need to rub.

    From: £10.50
  • Barrier Natural Sheath Cleanser this needs to be every yard!

    Barrier Natural Sheath Cleanser

    Contains Lanolin BP to quickly soften razor sharp smegma and help retain the horses own natural bacteria.

  • Barrier Livestock Louse Powder, 100% natural repellent, that is perfect for biting and blood sucking lice, buy from

    Barrier Livestock Louse Powder

    This is applied directly to skin, 100% natural insect repellent for use on biting and blood sucking lice. Weather dependant one application can last up to 6 weeks.

  • enhanced

    Barrier Enhanced Formular Fly Repellent

    Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent Spray for Horses is a 100% natural fly repellent.

  • fly spray1

    Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent

    Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent Spray for Horses is sure to keep even the peskiest of insects at bay.

  • Barrier Red Mite Powder, used as a deterrent against Red Mites, it has a slow release formula. Suitable for organic farming buy from

    Barrier Red Mite Powder

    This product is also suitable for Organic Farming Systems. It is applied directly onto the birds and / or poultry either to rectify an existing problem or as a deterrent.

  • Barrier White Ice is alcohol free, a natural product & helps relieve soreness, stiffness & swelling often linked to exertion. Buy from

    Barrier White Ice

    This product is free from all prohibited substances under current FEI and HRA rules. Not to be used on open wounds.

  • Barrier Super Plus Fly Gel, this is the same super strength as the spray, but much easier for the more timid horses, buy from

    Barrier Super Plus Fly Gel

    This formulation is 100% natural, it is the same super strength as the spray version, but for the more difficult areas and the timid horses / ponies this is ideal.

  • Barrier Red Mite Concentrate

    Barrier Red Mite Concentrate

    Barrier Red Mite Concentrate is a multi action, controls red mite and provides excellent cleaning, anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties.

  • Barrier Tick Control is a natural insect repellent against ticks designed for larger animals it’s suitable for organic farming, buy from

    Barrier Tick Control

    Especially designed for larger animals, horses, cattle, donkeys, sheep, goats, deer and large dogs. 100% natural insect repellent against ticks.

  • Barrier H Ragwort Killer before use, Always read the label. Agricultural herbicides, environmentally friendly & fully licensed, buy from

    Barrier H Ragwort Killer

    This can be used all year round and is not affected by the frost, once treated animals need to be kept off the area for 2 weeks or until the plant is completely dead and any remaining debris is removed.


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