First Aid

  • Virkon S (50g Sachets) Approved by DEFRA, it’s a broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant, ideal for use in any horse/animal area. Buy from

    Virkon S (50g Sachets)

    Approved by DERFA as a broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant. Highly versatile – surface, equipment, water and aerial disinfection.

  • Foam Pads

    Foam Pads 18×12

  • Foam Pads

    Foam Pads 20×20

  • tea tree Oil

    Tea Tree Oil 10ml

    Tea tree oil is known for its topical antiseptic and anti-fungal treatment or infection-reducing benefits. It also has antibiotic properties and helps aid against

  • Battles Veterinary Wound Powder is a licensed medicinal product, an absorbent antibacterial powder, promoting optimum healing. Buy from

    Battles Veterinary Wound Powder

    Battles Veterinary Wound Powder is used  on minor wounds, cuts, bites and scratches.

    From: £4.50
  • pump

    Pump Dispenser

  • Foam Pads

    Shire 4 pack foam Bandages

  • Battles Poultry Stockholm Tar, are your poultry struggling with feather pecking? Then this will help to deter more attacks, buy from

    Battles Poultry Stockholm Tar 400gm

    A very useful addition to the Poultry Keeper’s first aid box, it can help to deter from further feather pecking.

  • Foam Pads

    Shires Large Foam Bandage Pads

  • Battles Black Anti-Bacterial Powder ideal for use on minor wounds cuts, bites, sores, and scratches on horses, dogs, cattle etc Buy from

    Battles Black Anti-Bacterial Powder 125g

    Great for use on minor wounds, cuts,  bites, saddle sores, and scratches on horses and other animals. The puff application allows you to quite literally puff the powder onto any clean wound.

  • Hibiscrub a must have for all animal owners, an antibacterial wash very effective against a huge range of bacteria/viruses etc, buy from


    Very effective against a wide range of bacteria, yeasts, some fungi and viruses. An antibacterial wash which contains chlorhexidine gluconate.

  • Sealtex Latex Bandage is a self-sealing bandage, which is completely unaffected by water, ideal for wrapping bits, available from

    Sealtex Latex Bandage

    This is the ONLY bandage that is completely unaffected by water. It does not absorb any water, a self sealing bandage, perfect when needing to wrapping a bit.

  • Digital Thermometer, an accurate and extremely fast method of taking body temperature of animals, it only takes a few second’s buy from

    Digital Thermometer

    A very accurate and extremely fast method of taking the body temperature.

  • NLH-Thuja-Cream

    Thuja Cream 60g

  • Foam Pads

    Shires Foam Bandage Pads

  • Shires Felt

    Shires Bandage Felt pack of 4

  • Equine First Aid

    Equine First Aid

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