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  • bunty

    Bunty Dog bowl

    Made from a robust stainless steel making them long lastings and easy to clean. Rubber base to prevent bowl sliding on tiled or laminate floors. Outside is finished in a protective enamel with bone a pattern. Non-tip design. Available in 3 sizes and 2 colours

    From: £4.50
  • pump

    Pump Dispenser

  • Equi-Theme “Visibilité” Dog Coat, this is perfect for foggy / rainy weather thanks to the reflective stripes, easy to spot, buy from

    Equi-Theme “Visibilité” Dog Coat

    Perfect for foggy and / or rainy weather thanks to yellow colour and reflective stripes, your dog will be easy to spot.

    From: £6.95
  • s-l300

    Arkwright dog food

    Arkwrights Complete Chicken & Beef Dog Food is a complete diet designed to suit adult working dogs that enjoy a distinctive chicken or Beef flavour. This food features easily digestible proteins, beneficial fibres & a selection of carbohydrates that dogs can use as a reliable source of energy.

  • “Stripe” Polar Fleece Dog Rug a close fitting rug with an adjustable belly strap, buckle fastening and elasticated thigh straps, buy from

    Equi-Theme “Stripe” Polar Fleece Dog Rug

    A close fitting rug with an adjustable belly strap, buckle fastening and elasticated thigh straps.

    From: £9.75

    Dr John dog food

    Dr John Complete Dog Foods formulated to provide good levels of proteins and fat, with slow releasing carbohydrates to assist with condition, stamina and hunger prevention and essential oils added for condition and energy.The food is made up of a simple mix of whole grain cereals with chicken, which are cooked into crunchy biscuits and enriched with vitamins and minerals ensuring the food is extra tasty for your pooch!
    This highly palatable and complete feed contains essential oils for added condition and energy.

    From: £11.50
  • Chudleys Red

    Chudleys dog food

    Chudleys range of dog food is highly nutritious, containing substantial levels of quality protein alongside our patented blend of antioxidants, QLC, designed to support and maintain your dog’s health and well-being.

    From: £14.75
  • Autarky_Logo_For_Website

    Autarky dog food

    Autarky Adult Dog Food Delicious Chicken This Delicious Chicken feed is packed with high levels of essential fatty acids and B vitamins to give dogs a healthy coat and skin and boost scenting ability. Taurine and carnitine help keep hearts healthy while natural antioxidants and beneficial herbs support the immune system, with prebiotics for digestive health. Mature Lite with a moderate calorie content to prevent weight gain, Mature Lite Delicious Chicken contains natural antioxidants and beneficial herbs to support the immune system and prebiotics for digestive health. Taurine and carnitine keep hearts healthy, enhanced fat utilsation maintains stamina and essential fatty acids and B vitamins look after the skin and coat and help boost scenting ability.

    From: £14.99
  • bakers-complete-adult-dog-food-bacon-liver-vegetables-14kg-54001227-0-1490913601000

    bakers dog food

    Give your dog BAKERS and he’ll get a bowlful of tender meaty chunks* and crunchy kibbles, giving him all the tasty goodness he needs to help him lead a healthy, happy and active adult life.


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