Fly Protection

  • 8806 Field Relief® Muzzle Protector 1

    Field Relief Muzzle Protector

    Protects pink noses from sunburn. Screens out 80% of UV rays. Recommended for use with a safety halter. Soft padding at noseband prevents rubbing.

  • 8699 Field Relief® Midi fly Mask Website Image

    Field Relief Midi Without Ears

    Screens out 70% of harmful UV rays. Provides excellent clearage for eyes and eyelashes.

  • 8699 Field Relief® Midi with Ears 2

    Field Relief Midi Fly Mask With Ears

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies this Field Relief Midi Fly Mask With Ears!

  • 8927 Net Relief Muzzle Net White

    Net Relief Muzzle Net

    Effective relief for the symptoms of head shaking. Improved 79% of sufferers in clinical trials.

  • 8739 Field Relief® Max Fly Mask Black 3

    Field Relief Max Fly Mask

    Screens out 80% of harmful UV rays protecting the horse from sun damage.


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