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  • So IKalm Paste

    Equine America So Kalm Paste

    Reduce stress, promote calming and improve concentration

  • equine-america-propell-1znr-c180x180[1]

    Equine America Propell Plus

    ProPell Plus® is a daily tonic designed to increase energy levels, acting as a ‘pick me up’ for horses. Its iron rich formulation will provide energy with beneficial vitamins and minerals, leaving the horse fresh and full of vitality.

    From: £10.95
  • Equine America Turmeric

    Equine America Turmeric

    Equine America Turmeric is already mixed with Linseed meal to provide Omega 3 and, combined with Calcium and Vitamin E provides support to the health of the joints, skin, digestive system and liver.

  • Equine America Citronella Shampoo

    Equine America Citronella Shampoo

    A fragrant shampoo with citronella oils which is gentle on the skin

  • supergroom with tea tree

    Equine America Super Groom Tea Tree Shampoo

    Refreshing, soothing and deep cleansing

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    Equine America Silky Tail Un-Tangler

    100% Natural For a silky mane & tail and a show ring sheen. A non greasy mane & tail conditioner that detangles and leaves a silky sheen.

  • Glucosamine 10,000 plus MSM & ASU & HA

    Glucosamine 10,000 plus MSM & ASU & HA

    Glucosamine 10,000 plus MSM & ASU & HA is a simple supplement to aid the horse’s joints. and is fed as part of healthy balanced diet.

  • citronella-summer-horse-spray-1ltr[1]

    Equine America Citronella Horse Spray

    Citronella summer horse spray contains Lanolin and Aloe Vera with essential oils including Citronella, Eucalyptus and Cedar Wood.

  • Fly-Repel-Gel-500ml

    Equine America Fly-Repel Gel (Natural)

     Fly-Repel Gel is an essential horse care product for long lasting fly deterrence.
  • 171-214x214-equine_america_progest_wt_powder.1ah2eh[1]

    Equine America Progest

    Daily to any horse who’s digestive system is under stress from travelling, competition, new surroundings, illness or a change of feed

  • Equine America Airways Extra Strength Powder

    Equine America Airways Extra Strength Powder

    With its powerful aroma, Equine America Airways Extra Strength Powder opens the airways and eases breathing.

  • thO6BNYST2

    Equine America MSM Powder

    MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) is a high quality, bio-available form of organic Sulphur, which is an essential component of connective tissue, cartilage, skin, and hooves.

  • equine-america-like-ice-n68b-c180x180[1]

    Like Ice with Sorbolex 2.70kg

    The 24-hour kaolin base cools the leg, while Aloe Vera and Melaleuca soothes and moisturises. Like Ice® washes off easily, making it ideal for the busy yard.

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    Equine America Sooth-Itch

    For horses and ponies to relieve itching, sooth and encourage hair to grow back naturally.

  • Vitamin E & Selenium 908g

    Equine America Vitamin E and Selenium Powder

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Equine America supplements!

  • Equine America Magnitude Powder

    Equine America Magnitude Powder

    Magnesium has many roles within the body including the health of nerve endings and fibres, and reduction of magnesium in the diet may show in a horse as tension or nervousness

  • fungatrol cream1

    Equine America Fungatrol Cream

    This will also condition and protect the skin from bacteria and fungus.

  • Equine America Buteless High Strength

    Equine America Buteless High Strength

    Equine America Buteless High Strength is a natural and palatable formulation containing botanical extracts, providing a powerful natural alternative that can be used in the short or long term without concerns of side effects.

  • Equine America Kentucky Liquid Joint Supplement

    Equine America Kentucky Liquid Joint Supplement

    Equine America Kentucky Liquid Joint Supplement is probably the most affordable joint supplement on the market.


    Equine America Lamigard Solution

    Lamigard is a highly effective supplement for the horse or pony which is prone to Laminitis.

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