• Fynalite Rake, makes the tedious task of mucking out so much easier, perfect for the yard, stable, field, horse box etc, available from www.shedfieldequestrian.co.uk

    Fynalite Rake

    A unique design, lightweight, easy to use and efficient, kind to your back, yet exceptionally strong.

    From: £11.75
  • minimucka3[1]

    Fyna-lite Mini Mucka Stable Fork

    These are great mini versions of the Fyna-Lite stable fork especially for kids. They are lightweight and easy to use and available in two fun colours.

  • Fynalite_Logo_strapline

    Fyna-Lite Ash Handle Manure Fork

    Strong and light in weight. Ash handle tang and ferrule.

    From: £18.75
  • Fynalite_Logo_strapline

    Fynalite Manure Fork

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Mucking out tools!

    From: £25.75
  • Fynalite_Logo_strapline

    Fyna-Lite Super Lite Stable Fork

    From: £28.50

    Fynalite Multi Mucka Stable Fork

    Makes field clean up straightforward and easy. Pointed prongs slide under manure allowing easy removal without becoming clogged or tangled in long grass.

    From: £29.50

    Fynalite Shavings Fork

    Light strong and perfectly balanced.

    From: £29.95
  • GF Range

    Fynalite Groovy Fork

    New adult version of the Funky Fork available in trendy purple and silver. The new must have fork from Fyna-Lite

    From: £30.50

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