• th[5]


    They contain easy to digest carbohydrates from maize, grains and legumes to help provide the energy necessary for an active life.

  • frogade[1]

    Leovet Frogade

    Protects hooves from dampness and any hoof problems. Its active components protect the frog from rot.

  • Leovet - No Rub

    Leovet No Rub

    Effective against dandruff and mane and tail rubbing.

  • thA63CNI1A

    Leovet Propolis Gel 500ml

    Bees make propolis, a natural substance which contains vitamins, resins, trace elements in order to protect the bee hive from diseases with this natural antibiotic.

  • Leovet - Phaser Durativ

    Leovet Power Phaser

    Fly repellent gel for the fullest in protection.

  • Leovet - Phaser CW Spray

    Leovet Power Phaser Spray

    Total protection against all insects and horse flies.


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