Bandages and Boots

  • Foam Pads

    Shire 4 pack foam Bandages

  • Foam Pads

    Shires Large Foam Bandage Pads

  • Shires Fleece / Polo Bandages very warm and soft, making them ideal for support and protection featuring soft touch fastenings, buy from

    Shires Fleece / Polo Bandage

    When you need support and protection, whether that is in the stable, travelling or exercising, these are ideal.

  • Touch Close Over Reach Boots

    Shires Touch Close Over Reach Boots

    Well priced over reach boots made using 6mm rubber with touch close fastenings.

  • Foam Pads

    Shires Foam Bandage Pads

  • bandages orange

    Shires Deluxe Polo Bandages

    A deluxe set of fleece bandages

  • Shires Tail Bag

    Shires Tail Bag

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Shires Products!

  • Shires Airflow Turnout Socks, offering great protection from annoying flies and biting insects during the summer months, available from

    Shires Airflow Turnout Socks

    Airflow Turnout Socks are specially designed from airflow fabrics whilst keeping bothersome flies and biting insects off the legs.

  • Shires Felt

    Shires Bandage Felt pack of 4

  • travelmate

    Shires Travelmates

    Smart, travel boots provide sturdy protection against knocks and brushing during transportation.

    From: £37.99

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