For your Grooming Box

  • 1163-mixed-plus-green[1]

    Mane Comb Large

    105mm long large plastic mane comb.


    Shires Grooming Block

    Easy to use block

  • Detangler Brush

    Shires Detangler Brush

    A lightweight, hardwearing grooming tool with a multitude of uses -you will wonder how you managed without one!

  • 1305

    Bot Knife

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies this Bot Knife!

  • Shires Mane Thinning Knife

    Shires Mane Thinning Knife

    Mane Thinning Knife

  • 7499 Shedding Blade

    Shedding Blade

    A fine tooth blade ideal for removing loose hair and dirt from the coat.

  • Ezi-Groom Short Brislte Dandy Brush

    Ezi-Groom Short Brislte Dandy Brush

  • shedding blade

    Shires Metal Sweat Scraper/Shedding Blade

    A must for this time of to get all that loose hair out!!!!!

  • Ezi-Groom Small Body Brush

    Ezi-Groom Small Body Brush

  • Ezi Groom Body Brush

    Ezi Groom Large Body Brush

  • Ezi-Groom Long Brislte Dandy Brush

    Ezi-Groom Long Brislte Dandy Brush

  • Ezi-Groom Adults Grooming Kit red

    Shires Ezi-Groom Adults Grooming Kit

    Handy barrel case containing an 8 piece coordinating grooming kit

  • vetrolin

    Vetrolin white n brite shampoo

    Contains coconut oil derivatives and optical brighteners that bring out the brilliance in white and light-coloured coats. It works with either hot or cold water to remove the worst stains and leaves the mane, tail and coat with a healthy glow.


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