Leatherwork and Tack

  • 55b96ea739be161e3ce2df6d5ef4b1f4@2x

    Shires Wallsall clip

    Brass colour spring loaded Walsall clips with ring attachment. Singles.

  • lead-rope-trigger-4740[1]

    Shires Lead Rope With Trigger Clip

    Twisted rope lead with brass coloured swivel trigger clip. Cotton rope, die cast zinc clip. 1.8m

  • 389A

    Shires Lead Rope

    Twisted rope with strong Walsall hook. 1.8 m

  • Hy - Pelham Rounding

    Pelham Roundings

    Pelham Roundings

    From: £5.75
  • 381-Royal-bluet[1]

    Shires Nylon Foal Head Collar

    This nylon headcollar has been specially designed to fit foals.

  • Shires Blenheim Irish Martingale

    Shires Blenheim Irish Martingale

    Blenheim quality leather Irish martingale with stainless steel rings.

  • 650t-01[1]

    Shires Brass Plated Newmarket Chain

    Ideal for use with lead rein.

    From: £6.99
  • 652

    Brass Plated Lead Rein Chain

    Ideal for use with lead rein.

    From: £7.99
  • Shires Adjustable Rope Halter

    Shires Adjustable Rope Halter

    Useful for horses were more control is needed as the halter tightens when horse leans into it, encourages lightness.

  • Shires Nylon Daisy Rein, nobody likes to see a child sliding down the neck of a pony as it decides to put its head down, available at www.shedfieldequestrian.co.uk

    Shires Nylon Daisy Rein

    This is very easy to fit and will prevent the pony from putting it’s head down.

    From: £8.95
  • Shires Elastic Training Reins

    Shires Elastic Training Reins

    It is easy to fit, elastic passes through the bit and clips on to the d rings or girth. Black. One Size.

  • 651t[1]

    Shires Blenheim Leather Newmarket Attachment

    With solid brass clips, dee and swivel.

  • baby1

    Shires Foal Slip

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Jumper’s Horse Line products!

  • Leather Sliphead Bradoon Headpiece do you need to convert your snaffle bridle into a double? Makes the job very easy, available from www.shedfieldequestrian.co.uk

    Leather Sliphead Bradoon Headpiece

    This ideal for converting your snaffle bridle into a double and / or when you need to use a chiffney.

  • 5021t[1]

    Shires Blenheim Leather Daisy Rein

    Anyone with small children will know the problems caused when the pony puts his head down and unseats the rider.

    From: £17.95
  • 401

    Shires Blenheim Leather Lead Rein

    Blenheim quality leather lead rein with buckle billet and hand loop.

  • 373R

    Shires Blenheim Adjustable Leather Headcollar

    This hand sewn Blenheim quality leather headcollar has been specially designed to fit racehorses.

  • 407A-black

    Shires Blenheim Leather Lead Rein Newmarket Chain

    Blenheim quality leather with large Newmarket chain and hand loop.  81″ (2.04m) long.

  • 3565_black

    Shires Blenheim Leather Girth

    The contoured shape enables freedom around the elbows whilst triple thickness elastic inserts at both ends help alleviate pressure.

  • Shires Strong Leather Lunge Cavesson

    Shires Strong Leather Lunge Cavesson

    Fully adjustable Blenheim quality leather lunging cavesson with stuffed and padded leather noseband.


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