• Shires Thread Stem Whip

    Shires Thread Stem Whip

    Threaded stem whip with threaded handle, wrist strap, nylon keeper and rubber cap. 26 inch.

  • Reflective Thread Stem Whip

    Shires Reflective Thread Stem Whip

    Threaded stem whip featuring fine reflective thread along its length, with a leather wrist strap, sturdy black plastic handle and hexagonal flared end to make it easy to hold.

  • lunge whip

    Lunging Whip

    Single colour thread stem.

  • Topaz Jumping Bat

    Shires Topaz Jumping Bat

    Brighten up your riding with these zingy whips featuring a comfortable rubberised golf grip handle, threaded stem and leather keeper.

  • Shires Lunge Whip

    Shires Lunge Whip

    Single colour thread stem with coordinating 10″ rubber handle.


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