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  • 3091 - Supreme Products - Quarter Markers spray

    Quarter Marker Spray 250ml

    Simply mark up then set the marks by spraying Quarter Marking Spray to hold them in place!

  • 3091-Supreme-Products-Quarter-Markers-spray-small

    Quarter Markers Spray

    Use Supreme Products Quarter Marking Spray to enhance the appearance of Quarter Marks and help them stay in place for longer

  • Supreme Products Blue Rinse

    Blue Rinse

    To enhance the colour of white, grey, black, brown and coloured coats.

  • stain remover shampoo

    Supreme Products Stain Remover Shampoo

    For older, established stains.

  • Supreme Products Make Up Palette, ideal for covering a mark, scar; or the unwanted grey hair, available from

    Make Up Palette

    Great if you need just a small amount to cover a mark; scar; stray coloured hair or to produce a more difficult shade.

  • Supreme Products High Shine Shampoo

    Supreme Products High Shine Shampoo

    Supreme Products High Shine Shampoo is a shampoo for all coat colours when residues need to be removed in order to restore the coat and produce a full lustre and shine.

    From: £10.50
  • Supreme Products - Make Up Black Matt-Group

    Make Up

    Use Supreme Products Make Up to cover over marks, scars and unwanted dark coat hairs.

    From: £10.50
  • Supreme Products Palomino Shampoo

    Palomino Shampoo

    Regular use of Supreme Products Palomino Shampoo concentrated shampoo will enhance the colour of palomino coats and add condition and shine.

  • Supreme Products Eye Gloss

    Eye Gloss

    Use Supreme Products Eye Gloss to darken around the eyes and muzzle.

  • hotoil

    Hot Oil

    Use brand new Supreme Products Hot Oil when hot clothing – to clean the coat; remove grease and dirt and to add great condition and shine to the coat.

  • Supreme Products Blue Shampoo

    Blue Shampoo

    Supreme Products Blue Shampoo is a shampoo that can be used safely without the risk of staining and which will promote the colour of dual or multicoloured coats.

  • Supreme Products High Shine Finishing Wipes

    High Shine Finishing Wipes

    These fabulous wipes can be used round the eyes and on the muzzle, down the legs and on the quarters. Contains Citronella and UV Protection to help prevent sunburn on lighter skinned animals.

  • Supreme Products High Shine Serum

    High Shine Serum

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Supreme Products!

  • Supreme Products Hoof Paint

    Hoof Paint

    A paint-on, shiny black hoof preparation which dries and stays shiny in adverse conditions when applied to clean dry hooves.

  • Supreme Products Highlighter Gloss

    Highlighter Gloss

    A fabulous finish is achieved on eyes, nose and dock area.

  • Supreme Products Leg & Body Whitener

    Leg & Body Whitener

    A brilliant white, easy to apply leg and body whitener.

  • Supreme Products Glistening Oil

    Glistening Oil

    Supreme Products Glistening Oil is a superior light grooming oil to add the final touch.

  • Supreme Products Easy Plait

    Easy Plait

    To help produce perfect plaits every time and keep plaits looking neat and pristine even when plaiting up the night before.

  • Supreme Products Moisturise & Condition

    Moisturise & Condition

    Shedfield Equestrian supplies Supreme Products!

  • Supreme Products Coat Gloss

    Coat Gloss

    Use Supreme Products Coat Gloss when an outstanding finish is required.

    From: £13.75
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