• Topchop Alfa

    TopChop Alfalfa

    TopChop Alfalfa contains no added molasses or any other sugar coating. It is ideal for working horses, broodmares and youngstock.

  • Performance Cube

    Performance Cubes

    Performance Cubes are designed to be added to a TopSpec feed balancer or supplement and therefore contain no added vitamins or trace-elements.

  • Cool Condition

    CoolCondition Cubes

    CoolCondition Cubes provide ‘Non-Heating’ but conditioning calories and are ideal for horses that need condition without ‘fizz’.

  • Calmer

    TopSpec Calmer

    TopSpec Calmer reduces anxiety without affecting normal behaviour or reducing presence.

  • Digestive Aid

    Digestive Aid

    TopSpec Digestive Aid contains vitamin B12 and high levels of a pure, protected probiotic yeast and a prebiotic MOS.

  • Joint Balancer

    Joint Feed Balancer

    Joint Feed Balancer combines the benefits of a top specification conditioning feed balancer (TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer) and horse joint supplements.

  • 1010

    10:10 Joint Support

    The types of horses most likely to benefit include horses subject to extreme athletic demand.


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