• pump

    Pump Dispenser

  • 3188 - Lincoln - Lincoln Grooming Kit-Group1

    Lincoln complete grooming kit

    Perfect Christmas gift

    Includes a full range of everyday grooming equipment for coat, mane & hoof care.

    Available in Blue, Pink or Purple

  • hatchwells_chalk_powder_3_kg[1]

    Hatchwells Chalk Powder

    To enhance white areas of a coat prior to a competition.

  • soap

    Kevin bacon active soap 100g

    This amazing anti-itch soap with its soothing formula helps to relieve many skin irritations and can aid in the treatment of itchy mane, tail and skin. This all-natural product contains many essential oils and can be successful in preventing fly and parasitic irritation.

    Instructions for use: wet the area thoroughly, apply the soap with the foam pad provided and leave for 10 – 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.


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