Carr & Day & Martin Gallop Colour Shampoos

Carr & Day & Martin Gallop Colour Shampoo anti-bac, colour enhancing, insecticidal, conditioning, herbal, stain-removing, available from


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There is a vast range of different types of shampoos for horses / pony’s – anti-bacterial, colour enhancing, insecticidal, conditioning, herbal, stain-removing. You name it, we’ve got it!

When choosing a shampoo take into account the horse’s / pony’s skin condition. For instance, if it is dry and itchy you may want to try a non-allergenic moisturising shampoo, and resist bathing him / her too often to give his coat a chance to be replenished with its natural oils. A horse / pony with ringworm may need a medicated shampoo, while if you are bathing your horse / pony for cosmetic effect for a special occasion you’d go for a colour-enhancing shampoo with optical brighteners.

Whichever shampoo you choose, make sure you rinse well after bathing your horse / pony and don’t bath him / her in cold conditions.

Colour Shampoos are formulated to give the coat an extra edge when preparing for the show ring, colour enhancing and brightener to intensify the horses / ponys colour.

Available for Grey, Black, Bay, Chestnut & Palomino coats.

Shedfield Equestrian supply Carr & Day & Martin Products